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E&S Safeguards Assessed for Asian Development Bank (ADB)

E&S Safeguards Assessed for Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Environmental and Social Management Systems/Frameworks (ESMS/ESMF) have been developed independently by TOF lead consultant for ADB focusing on Financial Intermediaries and Banks. ESMSs and ESMFs were developed for Indonesia, Thailand and...

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International Capacity Building / Training Courses

Internships / Mentoring R&D 

TOF welcomes inquiries for participating in research and development (R&D) activities through internships. Only unpaid internships are available at this stage. All internships are output based. Due to COVID internships are virtual unless living in Norway (case-wise judgement is made). Inquiries are welcome. / /

Projects in the Making & Collaboration-Partnership Opportunities

Reports, Useful Guidance, Notes and Tip-sheets


Will be added as made available for disclosure

Papers in progress

  • Climate, forest peoples and restoration – concept of ecosystem of reference revisited (paper)
  • Benefit sharing is working for indigenous and forest – dwelling people? (Note/paper)
  • Behavior changes in managing our environment – are these in sight? (paper)

Guidelines & Tip sheets

Communication, stakeholder engagement and regulations for road infrastructure projects. (funded by: Asian Development Bank).
Indonesia (INO) project. ADB Benchmarks. Tip sheets: 1-Communication, 2-Land Acquisition and Resettlement, 3-HSE, 4-Customary Communities (Customary communities/IPs), 5-Livelihoods and Environment, and 6-Gender. ADB funded project.
(Dhillion, Team leader, contact at TOF) 

Environmental Liability (EU Directive) project (funded by: Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs). Georgia. Baseline methods and basic understanding for inspecting units.
1-Guide on vegetation and forest biodiversity (eng and geo);  2-Guide on aquatic biodiversity (eng and geo);  3-Guide on surface water quality (eng and geo);  4 Guide on wildlife biodiversity (eng and geo);  5 Guide on valuing environmental damage;  6-Summary of EL case studies;  7- Inspection, monitoring and re-evaluation of infrastructures (with separate supporting templates and guidance notes) and;  8-Stakeholder Engagement. Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs funded project.
(Available upon request from Dhillion, Team Leader, contact at TOF)

Training offered

  • Assistance with Proposal Development
  • Theory of Change and Contribution Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Management
  • Methods for IA
  • Safeguard Planning and Reporting
  • Questionnaire Development