The new curriculum of the Norwegian National Agency for Education (LK20) is based on common values such as human dignity; identity and cultural diversity; critical thinking and ethical consciousness; creative joy, engagement, and an urge to explore; respect for nature and environmental awareness; and democracy and participation. 

The students of English 1 at Nord-Østerdal videregående skole (high school) have throughout the course of the winter under direction of Dr. Dhillion from TOF (Transforming Our Futures, ) and Det Grønne Skiftet conducted research on sustainability. They have interviewed 88 companies from Tynset about their understanding of the term “green” and their will to implement sustainable solutions in their companies. In combination with this the students have learnt how to apply different subjects to the theme, as well as gained an understanding on how to conduct research and how they might contribute to society. 

We’d like to share a link to the final presentation (in English), which will show the collected results of the research. We hope you will see the value of this type of research, what it brings to society, and that you might use it to make our future greener. 

The presentation will take place in Tronsalen at Nord-Østerdal videregående skole at Tynset, Monday, 21. February at 9.30, and will last approximately 30-45 minutes.

It can be seen via: