Transforming Our Futures

Former vår framtid

through development, supporting and nurturing sustainable practices

through equity and good governance

through partnerships and cooperation

through pathways meeting Sustainable Development Goals

TOF works towards transforming the futures of communities globally through development, support and nurture of sustainable cultural knowledge, social, environmental and economic practices. TOF is committed to achieving the sustainable development goals
TOF is a non-profit and non-government organization

Spanning three spheres of work

Sphere I

Sustainable Processes and Sound Practices

Sustainable development through enhancing knowledge and rights, ensuring good practice processes and guidelines, efficiency in resource use and management of its outputs, recycling, and knowledge of social, environment and health due diligence and standards

Sphere II

Well-being, Livelihoods and Innovation

Individual and community wellbeing through fostering livelihoods and innovation, health and food systems, cultural diversity and conservation, appreciation of traditional practices, and inclusiveness of vulnerable people, and transparency of information

Sphere III

Global Change: 
Coping, Adapting and Encompassing

Work on global changes-needs and their knowledge: land use change and off-sets, climate adaptation and coping, renewable energy and resource management

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The new curriculum of the Norwegian National Agency for Education (LK20) is based on common values such as human dignity; identity and cultural diversity; critical thinking and ethical consciousness; creative joy, engagement, and an urge to explore; respect for nature...

Environment and Social (E&S) Upstream Level Study for BAFCO – Lao PDR

Environment and Social (E&S) Upstream Level Study for BAFCO. A TOF expert is the international reviewer and providing guidance for E&S safeguards and engagement on forests use with indigenous communities (IPs) in Lao PDR.  RINA Tech UK, Ltd is managing the...

TOF Norway partnered in the project Fair Public Procurement

TOF Norway partnered in the project Fair Public Procurement submitted to the Nordic Council of Minister’s Grant Programme for Nordic-Baltic Non-Governmental Organisations’ (NGO) Cooperation 2021 Estonia. Improving public procurement, Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Norway....

Green Deal Project – Knowledge and Pathways for a Green Deal

TOF Norway proposed to team Finland NGO and Russian, produce online lectures, and contribute to the communication of the project activities and results to relevant stakeholders in Norway on circular economic and green ways of life.  The team of NGOs has applied for...

Internships at TOF in 2021

In 2021, two interns were accepted to TOF Norway’s Junior- and Research and Development Internships. During the internship, the Junior Research and Development intern Aleksandr Grishin worked with communication requirements in EIA/SIA in S.E. Asia and the Caucasus...

Africa 2021

TOF - Transforming Our Futures – designed and participated in a course on human rights, government and E&S considerations. Our lead expert designed and led the course held by International Centre for Hydropower (ICH). TOF’s R&D intern (2021) participated in...

International Capacity Building / Training (2020) Courses

COURSE (web): Awareness Raising & Capacity Building: Hydropower Development, Stakeholders and Impact Considerations Audience: Webinar for Municipalities and Central Government. Georgia Client: NVE (Norwegian and MOESD (Georgia, Ministry of Energy and Sustainable...

International Conference Sessions and Presentations – 2020 and 2021

(I) Asia2020, June-July 2020, Kuala Lumpur (may be postponed due to Covid19) Dhillion will be giving a talk at ASIA2020 on “Benefit sharing and development goals”. Expected output as TOF NOTE available by June 2020.      (II) Session Lead and Presentation by TOF...

2020 • Al Jazeera interviewed and had exchanges with Dhillion

Al Jazeera interviewed and had exchanges with Dhillion (Director of TOF) on sustainable development and challenges with renewable energy developments in Georgia with focus on water resources and selected cases/regions. Article expected Spring 2020. Journalist Ms....