TOF Norway is preparing stakeholder engagement plans for renewable energy and infrastructure projects. Firms and Corporations that desire to engage and start building support from stakeholders understand that initiating communication early is key to obtaining a social license to operate. Many stakeholders start getting anxious as knowledge of planned projects circulate. When indigenous people and vulnerable groups are present, embarking on engagement early is essential. Existing charged settings and legacy issues often add to challenging social environments to maneuver through. Hydropower, solar and wind projects have terrestrial (on-shore) and aquatic/marine (off-shore) impacts along with climate ones that many stakeholders have only superficial or preconceived notions of. As start-ups of EIA/ESIA processes can take time Developers and investing Corporations are wise to plan and initiate stakeholder engagement based on early analysis of project scope and needs. Currently plans are being made for firms in Africa and Asia on wind, hydropower and transmission projects. TOF Norway welcomes inquiries.