A TOF study of renewable energy project revenue flow and use across stakeholders. May 2020 – June 2022. Global coverage.

TOF has embarked on a global study of a comparison and documentation of the use of revenues from renewable energy projects by governments and project owners/operators with emphasis on flows through various mechanisms to environmental, social-economic and health (ESEH) development. This is done exploring flow and implementation mechanisms (benefit sharing, CSR, etc.) at and among different institutional scales: household, community, CSOs, local-regional government, project owners and central government agencies. The vertical (from central government either directly or indirectly to local communities) and horizontal (from project owner to communities) channels of flow are central to the study. How project owners and governments frame and employ approaches, assure inclusiveness, and meet stakeholder expectations to create sustainable ESEH contributions will also be studied.

Case studies planned will be from: Ghana, Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Georgia, Costa Rica, Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda, Solomon Islands and Philippines. Others may be added upon agreement. Responsible: Dhillion and Khan


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