This TOF project`s aim is to strengthen the domestic food security and agricultural climate resilience in Dominica. 

The small Island state of in the Caribbean was devastated by the category 5 hurricane Maria in September 2017. The current global Covid 19 crises is raising new concerns about Caribbean countries ability to produce their own critically essential goods. Needless to say, food is an essential commodity.

In collaboration with local vegetable farmers and the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries of Dominica (MoAFF) and other stakeholders, TOF hopes to design and set up a pilot/model farm with dairy goats, climate resilient livestock-housing, milk-processing facilities as well as composting facilities for manure.
The goal is to convert the facility into a viable cooperative owned by the contributing farmers aiming to export the model to other farming communities.

“End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture”

In line with the second of the UN`s development goals (SDGs) this project will strengthen the livelihoods of Dominican farming communities as well as supplying the local market with locally produced healthy dairy products.

The project will be conducted according to sustainable vernacular agro-ecologic principles where the focus lies on the ecologic, economic and social dimensions of agriculture and community-life. TOF endeavors here are aimed to be replicable in other areas in Dominica, as well as other island in the region.

The planned site for the pilot-farm is upper Giraudel, Saint George Parish – popularly known as “Paradise”.

Responsible: Sankar-Øyan – Project postponed.

If you are interested in collaborating with TOF on this venture, you are welcome to contact us • •